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Default 9mm 124fmj-rn with HP-38 advice?

Hello all. I have a box of Hornady 124gr fun-rn 355771 9mm bullets I want to load up. Mixed headstamp brass, CCI 500 or Win small pistol primers, and HP-38 powder. I found load data in a Hornady Load Notes pamphlet for Win 231 with a starting load of 4.7 grains and a max of 5.3 grains. I loaded up a box of mid range loads (I hope) at 5 grains and COL of 1.150 as listed in the pamphlet for that bullet.

No where else can I find similar load data for that powder and weight bullet. The new Hornady book doesn’t list it, nor does Lyman. This makes me a bit hesitant to shoot these loads now. Everywhere else I look shows much lower charges of this powder. My question is: is this a safe load? I got it out of a Hornady pamphlet, but is it now obsolete? I plan to reduce my charges accordingly with newer info but I thought I was being conservative by loading mid-range originally. I realize there are better 9mm powders available but this is what I have. Thanks for your input.
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