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Originally Posted by Toolguy View Post
The original at .006 is pretty much what you want. The .010 is a bit wide, but will still work fine. Probably not worth doing anything about.
Thanks for responding. What I am wondering about is... Is ther any way to determine how much energy/fps is lost for each additional .001" of additional gap? I have been searching for this specific parameter, however, I have not found such information thus far...

My best chronographs/radar readings indicate at least a 250fps differentiation between the two 686s, but the data is so limited (had really hard time getting LabRadar to record data from the recent purchase 686..). Have not been able to record SA rounds through my replacement chronograph. Will attempt ASAP, since my previous DA measurements resulted in a DOA chrono....
Suffice it to say that I HATE trying to shoot DA at ~13yd, through a regular "chronograph" with a DA-only revolver... ERRgh!...

Bottom line, I realize that I am going to lose "some" fps with a wider gap, but just how much is the question...
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