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That looks like Lehigh Defense ammo. If it was made by LD in 38+p, their load is very mild and shouldn't even be considered +p velocity in my book (unless maybe the rating is due to higher pressure resulting from whatever powder LD uses). That same 140 grain bullet loaded by Underwood Ammo is rated at a very hot 1550 fps. They also make a 120 grain bullet rated at 1700 fps. That sort of ammo will be very hard on your K-frame if you shoot a lot of it.

Your model 66 represents a compromise: a carry-friendly magnum revolver. It's not a tank, but it is not meant to be babied either. You can shoot magnums out of it until the cows come home or your wrist gives out if you stick with 158 grains and up. Lighter magnum bullets will cause the cylinder to loosen up prematurely and may eventually crack the forcing cone. This is due to the slow-burning powders used to get maximum velocity combined with shorter bullets, which take up less room in the case and allow the use of more powder. I also think the combusting powder can get ahead of the shorter bullets before they seal off the barrel. This is not an issue with 38 spc and +p ammo or heavier magnums, just light hot magnum ammo – especially those popular 125 grain screamers. If you really like that sort of thing, do your 66 a favor and get an L-frame 686.

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