Thread: My 1076 jammed
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Default My 1076 jammed

Which is a bummer because I was looking forward to taking it on the trails with me in a few weeks. Not so sure now.

Foolishly, I didn't take a ton of time to inspect the stoppage (was shooting with my GF and we promptly moved on to the 645), but it looked like a "nose-dive-oriented" FTFeed... the round struck really low--or even below--the ramp. It seemed almost like the round didn't make it up out of the mag fast enough to get stripped off... and then got mashed down into the bottom of the ramp. I don't think there was any un-extracted/ejected brass in the equation.

I was shooting Sig Extreme Performance 180gr, which seems fairly hot... but I'm running nearly new white-follower mags with Wolff +10% springs and a 20lb Wolff recoil spring. So I figured that would be more than enough to handle fairly hot loads. And I've run plenty of the Sig ammo through it, with no issues up until this point. Could the Wolff springs be throwing things off? Wondered if anyone has experienced any similar issues with (or without) the Wolff springs.

In any case... it's only one stoppage in many hundreds of rounds. Nevertheless, it was surprising and disappointing--the gun has been very reliable and very accurate for me. Thanks for any input.
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