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As a note;

the hodgdon data for the Sierra fmj load is safe with the starting and top load data for a weapon in good condition.

A Sierra manual that I have has even lower and higher powder loadings with a 1.09" OAL setting with their FMJ bullet.

In a 3.5" barrel C9 pistol with a full load of w231 powder with a
OAL of 1.12" with a plated Xtreme bullet, I average 1044fps.

My C9 and full length 9mm pistols, for some odd reason, refuse to
give me good accuracy with the larger 124gr bullet shoved into
the short case with a OAL of just 1.09".
I actually LOOSE fps in my 5" barrel with this short setting.

My weapons like the 124gr Ball with a short OAL of 1.12" with my
C9 liking Bullseye,Red Dot, CFE pistol, w231 and HS-6 with a long OAL of 1.165",
with fps from 945 up to 1014.

The minimum load of w231 that I will use with a 124gr copper coated bullet of any type is.............
4.1 grains of powder for use in a 3 up to a 5" barrel length,

Safe shooting.
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