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Originally Posted by WR Moore View Post
If you've got a drill press or lathe you can put the rod in the chuck if you can lock the spindle. Use some muscle on the chuck wrench. Works much better than either of the tools I bought to do it.
I have a DeWalt 120vac hand drill with a keyless chuck & it worked on a super tight extractor rod that I couldn't loosen by any other means.

Insert the extractor rod as deep as you can in the open chuck, then hand tighten. Hold the chuck still with one hand & turn the cylinder with the other hand.

Just remember to double (triple) check the way you need to turn the cylinder since it's easy to lose your orientation.

Removing the cylinder from the gun first makes the job easier.

The empty cases are needed with the old style extractor star that have a round rod & pins to keep the rachet/star aligned.

The newer models which have the "D" shaped extractor rod under the star are stronger but using empties on them won't hurt.

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