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Originally Posted by OldSarge21 View Post
Thanks for all the replies. I understand about not wanting to give reloading advice on the net that isnít published. I will probably back off to the 4.3 grain level and see how they function. Will run them through my chrony and compare to published data. I guess I just got a little nervous when I couldnít find any other comparable published data that was current.

As to data. The data doesn't have to be the exact bullet brand as one may be reloading.

If it is the same weight and profile most any published (MANUALS) and powder companies will work.

The OAL is what THEY tested it at, you need to stay within SAAMI specs. It depends on the bullet profile.

Even going between lead, and plated bullets the data is all within a range. Yes, jacketed data can be used for lead and plated bullets. Again just start at the low end.

If the exact bullet weight is not available you go to the next HIGHER weight bullet.
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