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I have both a 1076 and 1066. Since 2008 when I bought them, I've used a Wolff 19# recoil spring (according to Wolff, factory is 17#). I also use Wolff +10% magazine springs with the updated white followers. I've never had the issue you reference, or any other for that matter with these pistols. I've shot Federal 180gr FMJ factory, PPU 170gr FMJ factory, Sellier & Bellot 180gr FMJ, and 180gr FMJ reloads.

I will note that shortly after I got the two 10mm pistols, I installed a Wolff 20# recoil spring in one of them. I did not like the way it felt when I pulled it back. It seemed to me that the length and strength of the spring was not allowing the slide to go all the way back. In any event, I removed it and settled in on the 19# spring. I never fired either pistol with the 20# spring in it. I know it seems a bit odd that one (1) pound would make the difference, but IIRC when I placed the 19# along side the 20# there was a significant difference in gage of wire and length of the springs.


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