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Originally Posted by MattyD380 View Post
... but I'm running nearly new white-follower mags with Wolff +10% springs and a 20lb Wolff recoil spring.

Could the Wolff springs be throwing things off? Wondered if anyone has experienced any similar issues with (or without) the Wolff springs.

In any case... it's only one stoppage in many hundreds of rounds.
I run pretty much the same setup in my 1006 & 1076. I handload a wide variety of powder/bullet combinations, all upper end loads. I doubt the springs have anything to do with it (*).

How long ago did you add those springs & how many rounds have you fired since then with them?
Is the mainspring original to the pistol or has it been replaced too?

(*) My notes don't show I had a "fit issue" with the Wolff 20# recoil spring in my 1006 or in my 1076. However I have had issues several times, on other 3rd Gens, where a Wolff recoil spring would cause the slide to stop/bottom out on the recoil spring, not the frame abutment, and need trimming.

You can't look at length alone. The thickness of the coils factor in on whether the length (number of coils/spacing) & the coil's thickness take up too much space in the pistol.

I've learned to always check that a new spring fits properly by moving the slide fully rearward, without the barrel or recoil spring/guide rod installed, on the frame. Then pencil mark a matching spot on the two, slide & frame.

Now completely assemble everything with the new spring installed & see if the pencil marks still align with the slide fully rearward. You may also hear/feel a "dull" impact versus a sharp one if it stops before the mark.

Since you don't recall all the specifics to this single failure it might be worth more testing & better observations on what happens. See if you can repeat it. If not don't worry anymore about it. Things aren't perfect, stuff happens.

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