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Originally Posted by rickjones View Post
I acquired a Coonan compact from a fellow member here and it is my new favorite hands down. The gun shoots straight, reliable and handles recoil extremely well. My only issue currently is that Coonan is closed and I am having a ton of trouble getting more mags for it! I hope they open back up soon because I need at least 3 more mags for this unicorn! If anyone knows a place that currently has them I would appreciate it.
I was lucky in that right after I bought mine 4 years ago, I found someone selling 3 mags on Guns International for a good price. I bought them, bringing my mag count up to 5.

As far as Coonan goes, it isn't looking real good to me that they will stay in business. There is a thread on another forum that I've been following off and on and it looks like Coonan has been throwing out lifelines but it doesn't seem to me that they are getting any takers. It's a shame as the pistol itself is really cool.
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