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Originally Posted by Wyo View Post
Hamilton Bowen did some of the best work around, no doubt. But he isn’t the only guy who ever turned an N frame into a .45 Colt. Our own Keith44Spl has done some spectacular work. I’ve shown this one before - a pre-27 converted to .45 Colt with Keith Brown stocks. I have it now and it is some kinda shooter!

Agreed. Unfortunately mi amigo Keith44Spl doesn’t take orders from the general public, so not as many folks get to experience his artistry first hand... more’s the pity! I’m sure folks on this board would keep him busy 24/7 if they could. There are also some known craftsmen who ARE open to the general public like Clements and Horvath, among others, and they do some truly lovely work. I was just commenting on the fact that we had lost one of the greats when Bowen stopped working on S&Ws, an undeniable loss to the community.

Even though my tastes generally run to revolvers of the smaller persuasion, I wouldn’t turn my nose up at a nice custom built 44 Special with 4 or 5” barrel and micro-adjustable sights... say a Third Model with King Target sights. Yep, if I ever win the Publishers’ Clearinghouse Drawing, WATCH OUT!

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