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What little knowledge I have on the subject is a focus on the specific style of engraving that is proven to be so called "Factory engraved"? It is most definitely unique, elaborate, and a "chosen design" by Smith & Wesson at that time to be representative and unique "only" to Smith & Wessons of a special order gun "from the Factory".

That to me says it all and that is where the value comes into play. It also represents exactly what collectors are trying to identify. What the Op is trying to accomplish in fact. Is my gun "Factory Engraved"? In other words contracted by the factory not only to be engraved but to have a very unique style of engraving that is "specific" to a Smith & Wesson at that time in History.

I personally don't see the significance of where the gun was cut. Only that it was part of a special order by a preferred engravers style.

I could definitely see the significance if the styles are undistinguishable? Between say a New York contract engraved gun and a"Factory" special order with special engraving design, but there is a definite difference in the style that is specific to Factory orders only! At least that's been my experience. It's almost like a signature of sorts that is unique to one engraver or to a special order.

Mr. Jinks in one of my factory letters says that he would have to see my gun engraving to be able to tell who in fact engraved the gun. That should tell us something? Obviously the engraving is recognizable as being part of a special order, "Without the letter"!!!!
My comment was pertaining to Mr. Jinks stating that multiple engravers were working at that time. Maybe they weren't "inside" the building but they were working specifically for the factory to meet a special order. So that plus the unique style of engraving is where the real value resides in my opinion.


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