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Just another point I wanted to discuss that I didn’t really think needed it’s own thread. I have both a 5906tsw and a CHP 4006tsw. I like the integral rail on the 4006, but I prefer the lower recoil and cost per round of 9mm. I remember reading that the 5906tsw is really more of a 4006 modified to 9mm than a true 5906, and now I have a spare 5906tsw 9mm barrel, so I had to Frankenstein a 9mm CHP 4006tsw together!

I was pleasantly surprised that the 9mm barrel fit into the .40 slide perfectly, with no discernible play. Certainly no more play than my 5906tsw has with its original barrel. I reassembled the 4006tsw with the 5906tsw barrel and it seemed ok. I loaded it with a 5906 magazine full of 115 grain 9mm and hand cycled them and they all cycled fine, although every other one either went flying out very far or just popped out a little bit. I haven’t had a chance to play with it beyond one 10 round magazine. Idk if the weird pattern was due to the .40 extractor or if I was inconsistent in my slide racking, or something else, but I thought it was worth discussing.

I’ve always wanted an integral rail 9mm 3rd gen, and I’m curious if I just stumbled upon a way to make a reliable one, or if the differences in extractors (or some other factor) could trip me up.

Again, I’ll try and get some pics up tonight after work.
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