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Default extractor change?

Originally Posted by DMcBB View Post
The first few times I tried, I could get the 5906tsw slide onto the 4006tsw frame, but it was very tight and would lock up. I tried it again today and it went on ok and moved freely. Maybe it wasn’t lubed enough before? Idk. At any rate, yes I can interchange slides now, which is cool. Putting the 5906tsw slide on the 4006tsw frame gets me the 9mm with integrated rail, which is awesome.

I need to get the 4006tsw with the 5906tsw barrel to the range to see if it extracts ok. I did some more hand cycling and it was perfect.
In case there are problems to extract 9mm with the .40 slide...perhaps a possibility is to change the extractor for a 9mm TSW one...if it fits the 4006 slide...

looking fwd to the range report !!!
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