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Went to the range today and used my 4006tsw with my new 5606tsw 9mm barrel. The combo ran flawlessly. I put about 100 rounds downrange with no failures of any kind. Feeding and extraction were both perfect using Fiocci 115 gr. fmj. The pistol was really impressive and I shot it better than my 5906tsw or the 4006tsw with the original .40 barrel. I swapped barrels and used the .40 barrel to shoot some Winchester 180 gr. purple brass, and it’s just amazing to me how much less fun it is to shoot .40.

In my exuberance, I neglected to swap uppers between the 5906tsw and 4006tsw, although I see no reason why it wouldn’t have worked.

Attached is my first 10 round group of the range trip at 7 yards with 9mm from the CHP 4006tsw. I’m sure some of you snipers could do better, but for me, this was a good group. I’m happy with the results! (Except maybe for that one flier...)
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