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Awesome! Let us know how it works for you and if you have any extraction issues.

My sample size of one isnít really enough to understand if this conversion will work consistently on other pistols. Plus, as some of the pros on this board like Fastbolt or BMCM have said in other threads, the 3rd gen extractors almost always require fitting so that the extractor will function reliably in a particular gun. As a result, each slide/extractor combo may be a little different.

I wonder if the .40 extractor that I have in my 4006tsw is in some sort of sweet spot that allows it to function well for both .40 and 9mm while others may not be so lucky, or if they would just always work, similar to how a p226 can be converted from .40 to 9mm with a conversion barrel but no change to the extractor.
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