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Originally Posted by Ammo First View Post
I want to give this a shot. Can you give a update on your 4006tsw 357 sig conversion ? Thanks
Not much to update about the 357 sig conversion.

I shot it the other day. It speaks with authority.

If you decide to try it, here are a few of my personal opinions about the job:

I got a finish reamer from Dave Manson Reamers, bought a bottle of pipe threading lube, and went to town.

Mind you, this is not like the pansy job of reaming a 40 barrel to 10mm.
On the 40/10 conversion, you're only removing a "fat" 1/8 inch.
Turn the tap handle once and wipe your brow.

On the 9mm/357 sig conversion, you're plowing steel the entire length of the cartridge.
Pack a lunch and bring plenty of cool soft drinks to keep yourself hydrated!

And don't forget to save the chips of steel from the barrel in case you change your mind and want to go back to 9mm.

Seriously, ream the chamber, chamfer the chamber mouth, have the old caliber designation fill-welded, smooth the chamber top, have 357 sig laser engraved on the chamber, and finally, fit the barrel to the pistol (if needed).

I went to heavier springs (22lb recoil/22lb main).
Getting the grip on with that new, heavy mainspring is a bit of a struggle.

I converted 2 5906tsw barrels.
One for 4006TSW and one for 4006 (standard).
You must change the barrel cam angles to work with the standard 4006.

Because of the high pressure of the 357 sig round, I am hesitant to use these barrels in any of my aluminum frame 40s.

Perhaps I am being overly cautious.

BTW, as I mentioned on another thread, I tried the TSW 357 sig barrel in my CHP 4006TSW and the hood was too long although it fits just fine in three other TSW 40s.
I could stone the hood back a little to get it drop free, but I have other 4006TSWs to run it in.

(See next post for the CHP 4006TSW 9mm conversion.)

Good luck!

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