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Default Catalog of Performance Center 945 Variants

The Smith & Wesson Performance Center Model 945

The information provided below was originally collected by member “sig.natures” in thread CATALOG OF 945 PC VARIANTS - very LARGE accumulated reference material, unfortunately Photobucket wiped out the pictures in the original post, and data in the tables has not been updated in some time. By creating this new thread, I hope to continue the work he started and expand the 945 knowledge base.

This is still a work in progress, and as you can see there are still many gaps in the tables and this is where you come in, if you own one of these fine pistols and can expand on the collected information, please reply to this thread and I will integrate the information into the original post. Also, if you see a typo or an error let me know and I will see that it gets corrected.

The tables have been split into four separate groups simply because the complete table would be compressed so much it would become illegible. The 945 product codes are listed in ascending order across the top and those pistols with unknown product codes are listed last.

945 Group 1 (Product Codes 170104 (A) – 170156)

170104 (A)
The original 43.5 ounce version

170104 (A) LEW/RSA
Plastic case LEW and RSA, note the Julian date code (8237 – 08/25/1998) is the same for these two pistols.

170104 (B)
Smith & Wesson removed 1.5 ounces from the original 945 in 1999 and started to deliver in aluminum cases; any idea’s on where this weight was removed from?





945 Group 2 (Product Codes 170169 (A) – 170177 (C))

170169 (A) Black slide, black frame

170169 (B) Black slide, satin frame



170177 (A) Stainless slide, satin frame

170177 (B) Black slide, black frame

170177 (C) Stainless slide, satin frame, no billboard

945 Group 3 (Product Codes 170180 – 170227)


170184 (A)

170184 (B) No billboard

Later Production (Plastic Case)

170222 (A)

170222 (B) No billboard


945 Group 4 (Product Codes 170259 – UNKNOWN 3)

170259 This one is a guess, the SCSM states “new cost” (4th edition, page 435), so I’m speculating it is a reintroduction of 170173 without the billboard. The serial numbers appear to be just shy of the 170300 series pistols that are identical features except the black finish.


Need Pictures

Unknown 1 Adjustable sights

Unknown 2 Novak sights, bolt on rail

Unknown 3 Novak sights, no rail

This is what I have so far, hopefully 945 owners can compare their pistols to this material and let me know where I need to add information and/or correct errors.

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