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Originally Posted by jughed440
...and is it just pure coincidence (or deliberate) that you post this at 9:45 PM (central time)??
Total coincidence, but awesome.

Originally Posted by mbliss57
Is there anything you have seen that makes one 945 more "valuable" than another? Long vs short barrel, Aluminum vs steel frame, SS vs Black vs 2 tone? Particular Product codes with known low productions numbers? 945 vs 945-1? Thanks for the answers in advance!
My opinion only, I think rarity plays the biggest role, with the straight serrations being the most rare, followed by the wavy serrations, also the high contrast look of the black and polished stainless seems to command a premium.

As far as the best shooters, I've heard the original 945's without the firing pin safety have the best triggers, and the longer sight radius of the 5" guns further improves their accuracy.

Originally Posted by mbliss57
There is a notable thread with a lot of this info in it. This is much more up to date. Any chance this can replace that one or at least get to notable thread index too? Great work.
Member "sig.natures" originally put most of this information together, but his last post was in 2013, and Photobucket wiped out most of the pictures. Luckily, other members saved most of the data and I've been able to reconstruct the material. Creating the new tables took awhile, but I can keep these up-to-date when new information comes in.

I can put a request in to the moderators to add this to the notable thread index.

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