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The old owner's manuals always suggested a good cleaning first thing. S&W lube, whatever it is/was, never impressed me as being anything beyond a substance that got it to its new owner.
If this was a 1917, or something, I may say don't mess with it, but a 3913, I don't think I'd treat it as a vintage collectible..... Now, that's just me, YMMV. I'm not setting relatively new stuff away to let it appreciate for decades at my age lol. I will admit that ANIB stuff that's 50 or more years old commands a premium. But I'm not going to be around then. My thinking these days is somewhat more short-term. Time may be on your side, and if you have patience, all the better.
I retired my 3913 from carry about two years ago. It sat in pasture for a while in the safe, then went to the great gun shop consignment beyond and was turned into something I wanted more.
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