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The market, (the real market where guns get bought and sold, not the opinions of hardcore S&W pistol enthusiasts) has a notable and obvious preference reflected in the price for out of production but NIB, unfired, “time capsule” guns that were shipped and sold and owned and swapped and sold but not shot.

Absolutely, some less than others. But for however many S&W made of any particular model, there’s only a small slice in existence that are new old stock, still NIB/unfired. Yes, folks will pay a premium for those.

All of us have our own ideas and these ideas are 100% correct but ONLY for us.

Pick any 1-2-3rd Gen, any one of them, doesn’t matter. Hand me a NIB one and tell me that I own it. To me, it makes more sense (it makes a LOT more sense) for me to set out on a chase for a used one if I feel like I want to shoot it, than it is ever going to make for me to take a new old stock unfired one and start shooting it. You can’t unring a bell.

A great example would be a 5906. These are great pistols. If I came across a stupidly low priced one that was NIB, sure I’d buy it. And no possible way would I ever shoot it. Hell, I have two in the safe to shoot and if I didn’t, I could snag one for maybe under $400 to shoot one. They are easy to find.

A NIB unfired 5906, not so easy to find.
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