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If I’m understanding correctly, your real question might be, “How many dollars will (might) I lose by cleaning this gun?”. I’ve been fortunate enough to accumulate several 3913 and 14’s including the slightly less common TSW, DAO, LS and NL variations.

I took a look at what I paid for two 3913’s. Consider the price was as much dependent on luck, timing, motivation of the seller, desperation of the buyer, distance (face-to-face in cash versus an auction that included shipping, an FFL fee and maybe a credit card surcharge) as on anything else. So, two virtually identical guns could always have cost me significantly different amounts.

My first 3913 was in a pawn shop half the country away from me. A kind forum member tipped me off as he knew I was desperate for one. I bought it sight unseen (not even photos) and the pawn shop had to take it to a “normal” LGS for shipping to my local FFL. It was a “shooter” in very good condition with one magazine and no box. My all-in cost included the gun (that might have included something paid by the pawn shop to the neighboring LGS for their trouble), shipping to my FFL and a small transfer fee on my end (my guy is fond of me).

My second 3913 was bought from a local gentleman who purchased it for his wife at an estate sale. She fired 100 rounds and then wanted something else. It appeared “like” NIB and was complete as originally sold. There was an invoice in the box that helped me understand my seller was at least the third owner of that gun even though it appeared brand new.

Considering my total cost for the two guns, there is only a $30 difference between the two while there is a world of difference in their apparent values. Obviously, I’d have never bought the shooter had I known I’d later be able to buy a virtually new one for so few dollars more.

My point is that, in my humble opinion, whether you clean your gun or not will make absolutely no difference in what it might be worth if/when you decide to sell it. How much you’ll get for it will depend mostly on factors you’ll probably not be able to control.

Just one man’s opinion.

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