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Originally Posted by Dave686 View Post
No. And neither can anyone else.

You said in the OP “what appears to be, the original grease/oil on it”. that means you didn’t get this new and that would be the only way anyone would have of knowing. And that would be if they took your word for it.
My reason for asking about signs of it being fired is for my own knowledge, curiosity really.

[/QUOTE]That’s the bad news. The good news is that although it’s not NIB, it is LNIB, and can be sold as “appears to be unfired”. Unless you bought that gun new and know its never been fired other than the factory; its not right for you to claim that.
Bad news? There is no bad news, I have what appears to be a brand new 3913
I agree, I would never want to claim it as unfired.

So I took this thing apart last night and looked closely for signs of use and compared it to a couple of my other 3rd Gens.
There is no visible wear on the hammer where it rides on the slide.
The barrel hood and lugs show no signs of wear.
The rails have a dirty looking lube on them that is dried out, so they would need to be cleaned to see signs of wear but look good from what I can tell.
There are absolutely no marks on the back of the slide where the levers would hit during a careless reassembly.
I looked at the mag followers under a magnifying glass and I don't see any marks at all, they appear never used.

Cosmetically, I can't find a mark on this thing. I wonder if it was ever field stripped or even out of the box?!
I took a bunch of pics and carefully put it back together but I think the best thing to do is give it a careful cleaning, lube it up, and decide if I want to shoot it or not.
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