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Default This Is The "N," My Only Friend The "N"

The first go 'round on this subject earlier last week saw an SD card to a 1+ gb dump into Never, Never Land. Months and months of work, flushed faster than an '83 American Low-Flush model.

C'est la guerre.

"Until approximate;y 1975, most factory nickel Model 39s and early 39-2s were marked with the letter 'N' on the bottom of the frame under the left grip <i>('stock')</i>. During this same period, guns returned to the factory for refinishing usually were marked 'R-N' for nickel and 'R-B" for blue. In addition to these markings, refinished guns during this time period can be found with the complete serial number along with or with out (sic) a small five pointed star stamped under the rear sight. Occasionally a 'R-S' stamping will be found under the left grip, in the same format as the 'R-B' and 'R-N' stamping. The 'S' denotes the factory Service Department and the stamping may indicate other reworks besides refinishing." - Excerpted from Section 5.3, "The Smith & Wesson Model 39, Its Variations and Modifications," A Monograph By Richard A McMillan, 2005

In the accompanying images one can find the 'N' stamping at the lower right of the exposed model 39 grip.

At present, the nearby "2" definition eludes yours truly but it seems reasonable 4T5Guy or DonK52 can accurately chime in on that aspect.


P.S. And, yes, the S&W factory box carries the M39 (barely) when it isn't out and about.
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