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Originally Posted by vigil617 View Post
Even the re-marking of the barrel is so professionally done. I'd like to know how he did that. And was the barrel re-bored, or was reaming the way to go? Inquiring minds, and all that stuff!
It's gratifying to see that folks are finally jumping on the 357 Sig conversion bandwagon.

Since I first did mine a few years back, there may have been some upgrades in the technology, but as I have described in these pages:

I started with two 5906TSW barrels to fit the 4006 sized slide and barrel bushing, then using a 357 Sig chamber finish reamer from Dave Manson, I cut the chambers and chamfered the chamber mouths.

I then sent the barrels off to Tony at Precision Welding and had him weld up the "9MM" and "9mm Parabellum" markings on the top of the chambers.

Upon receiving the barrels back from Tony, I smoothed out the welds on the chamber surface, then took the barrels to a local laser engraver that I had used before and had him add the "357 Sig" designations to the chambers.

I also filed a new, straighter angle on the barrel camming lugs on one of the barrels so that I could use it in my non-TSW 40 caliber 3rd gens.

I did go with heavier recoil and main (hammer) springs and do not use the 357 Sig barrels in aluminum framed pistols because of battering issues.

I have since acquired an additional 5906TSW barrel and have left it at 9mm (for now) to use as a 9mm conversion barrel in 40 caliber 3rd gens, but I have plenty of 9mm 3rd gens and rarely use it.

Although the 5906TSW barrel hood is slightly narrower than the 4006TSW barrel hood, I have had no problems or malfunctions shooting them.

As I said, as there may have been some improvements in the ensuing years since since I did mine, I am anxious to hear Bill describe what process he is using now.

Merry Christmas!

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