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I had a newer 41 a few years ago and the barrel was tapped. It was a 5 1/2Ē and I did scope it. I picked up a 7Ē barrel to go with it and was very happy with all. But I sold it off.

After getting a very special custom 41 four years ago I went on the lookout for a 1969 that was in great shape and un-molested. My thought was to have both 1969 41ís side by side to show what all had been done to a factory original. I did find one on Gunbroker.

It took a while but I got a second barrel and a few more original magazines. Iím into it for under $900.00 total. I do not plan on scoping so the non-tapped barrels are fine.

I really like the older ones and havenít had any issues. I donít think I could have pieced all of this together for that price if I WAS trying to buy new.

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