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Originally Posted by Sevens View Post
Why are you driven to bait me with this post? You call me an expert... because I have an opinion, and one you seemingly disagree with? If you enjoy new production S&W guns, all good for you. This has nothing to do with me.

I've not seen a Model 41 yet that can overcome a chip on the shoulder. Perhaps you can find an expert to help you with that. Maybe lift the foam out of the case and see if you can find some class.

You stated:
"I intend zero offense to anyone.

I have no interest in buying anything that S&W currently makes, if there is a much earlier version of that same model.

I would not buy a 41 made today unless it was crazy cheap. Even then, I wouldn’t buy it to use or keep it.

Especially when talking about a 41, the used market is loaded with them. 41’s are the opposite of scarce."

So clearly you have a opinion on them.Yes I disagree with you, And what is different about them?. Has the platform changes that much over the years?
Now you resort to insults. Tell us what year you M41 is and how it is better than the new ones? A picture would be nice.
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