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Originally Posted by Sevens View Post
Read the thread again. I already said what year my 41 is. At no point did I ever say that mine was better or worse than ANY Model 41 thatís ever been built, Springfield or Houlton.

My position is simple: the company whose products have gathered us here on this site has been evolving over many years and I donít care for how it has evolved. Their final QC has seemingly been outsourced to the end consumer. The evidence of this profound. Iíd tell you to do your own research but evidently, you either cannot read or comprehend what I specifically have posted in this conversation so it would be pointless to do so.

The OP specifically asked ďbuy new or buy usedĒ and I prefer used and stated as much. I donít see how that makes me a professional, but that was your conclusion.

Youíve succeeded in your goal of lowering the quality of this discussion.

Yep. "Duly Noted" Perfectly clear SW today is horrible. I missed that you bought one on Gun Broker. Triple Alpha and all that My bad.
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