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Originally Posted by JohnHL View Post
I started with two 5906TSW barrels to fit the 4006 sized slide and barrel bushing, then using a 357 Sig chamber finish reamer from Dave Manson, I cut the chambers and chamfered the chamber mouths.

I also filed a new, straighter angle on the barrel camming lugs on one of the barrels so that I could use it in my non-TSW 40 caliber 3rd gens.

Although the 5906TSW barrel hood is slightly narrower than the 4006TSW barrel hood, I have had no problems or malfunctions shooting them.
I wondered how easy it would be to convert the 4040PD to shoot the 357Sig, being it's on the 9mm frame & already a .40.

I tried my 3914DAO & 3913TSW barrels in the 4040PD.

The dimensions at the chamber (outside) are essentially the same & the hoods are close & don't seem like they'd be a problem, but the difference in diameter of the muzzle was sloppy (about .010" difference). How much difference for yours?

The tip to the 40's barrel is belled while the 9mm's is more hour-glass shaped.

Why did you have to chamfer the chamber mouth?

The camming lugs are different between the -TSW & non-TSWs?

‼Malfunction‽ -need more input

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