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*I* would say a pre 1990 M41, just from my own experience and later reading at the RFC M41 sub forum. Here's why:

In the 90s, S&W started shifting over to the CNC, laser engraving, MIM parts and all that. All the roll marks, numbers and such on my 1990 are stamped. A friends 1991 is all laser engraved, so at least that changed from one year to the next.

The nice high polish likely ended in 1989, as mine, the frame is highly polished, the bbl and slide not so much so. The 1989s I've seen were completely high polish.

Going from the hand fitting to just assembling parts likely happened along with the CNC, but, IDK. Mine, while not as pretty, ran like a house afire and still does 30 years later. Never felt the need to replace or adjust anything.

Later reading at RFC, it seems the problems started cropping up ~the mid 90s when the 41s moved house for the new CNC equipment? I'm guessing here, but there sure seemed to a lot of problems with people getting their M41s to run properly and the one gunsmith and one M41, start to finish, had gone the way of the Dodo and yes, that really was a thing on the earlier pistols.

Problems with mags also started popping up in this time frame, especially with new mags in older pistols. One S&W rep actually said to give the new mags a squeeze in a vise to get them to work!? Easy to tell with the blister packs. The older ones just list the M41 and 442 on the back. The newer ones list 2 more pistols that they will fit. IIRC, the 2206 is one of them, but not 100% on that.

Edit: Besides the 2206, the other pistol listed is the 622. Apparently the tolerances in the 622 and 2206 were looser and the new mags caused problems in older M41s with tighter tolerances. Not all, but some.

Hope this informs some.


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