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Default Model 39 Aftermarket Mags? And another question...

I picked up a used Model 39-2 the other day that came with 7 magazines and a B-Square optics mount. What I'm curious about are the mags that came with it: 2 are factory mags, the other 5 appear to be aftermarket, with no markings, and 2 different styles of follower in them. They also have much longer floor plates on them than the factory mags, sticking out beyond the front of the grip. What I'd be interested in knowing is who made them, how reliable they might be, and why such a long floor plate? (Ease of reloading?) They honestly dont appear as if they were used that much, if at all. Pictures are attached below, the last two are of one of the factory mags for reference.

On a side note, this old gal has some minor condition issues, with minor pitting and finish loss. The most worrying thing however I discovered while cleaning the gun. I will note that the gun was filthy and caked up with enough **** to merit a full frame disassembly and detail cleaning. When I got to the slide however, after scrubbing the **** out of every recess, I dropped a couple drops of oil into the firing pin hole on the breach face, and depressed the firing pin a few times to work it in. When I did this, out came a blood red muck. It doesnt look like rust, and the firing pin itself still looks fine, but it has me concerned. Anybody have a quick and easy guide to disassembly of the the slide to remove the firing pin and spring? I've stripped many S&W frames, just never any slides.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

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