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Originally Posted by SWCZSIG-Vinny View Post
Has anyone tried the EGW SW1911 mount on a 3rd gen with the NOVAK markings on their rear sight??
I'm very tempted to just invest $50 in the EGW mount and see if it fits on my 3913 with the 'Novak' rear sight. It will mount either an RMR or Holosun 507c. Been wanting to try a 507c anyhow.

I talked to EGW today as I ordered the wrong mount for my CZ75. Tory were extremely helpful. Itís possible they may even know that answer itís just not publicized in the mount package.
I will try to remember and call again and ask them that question. It may save a lot of leg work. I agree with a post above too.. I think these will become the norm on pistols very soon.

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