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Update: I spent a couple hours today stripping down the slide to inspect and clean the firing pin and its channel. I got a little worried because the ooze started to seep out under the rear sight and out the rear of the firing pin, where the coloration took on a slightly brownish hue, making me worried that I actually had a corrosion issue.

Stripping down the slide was pretty easy, I did most of it inside a zip lock bag to contain the parts, yet I still lost and spent about an hour of the process searching for the detent safety plunger spring which disappeared when I gently plucked it from its recess. Turns out while I was looking all over the surrounding floor, it had falling into the firing channel and was still with the slide thank God!

I would also like to note: While the disassembly of the slide is largely the same as as the third gen guns, the big difference is with the location of the safety detent plunger. I was expecting the plunger to be located in the safety lever itself, as detailed in the parts schematic on Numrich's site and in the aforementioned video of third gen slide disassembly I found on youtube. Instead it is located in the right side of the slide (the side without the lever), hence how I managed to loose the spring into the firing pin channel.

Anyway, after stripping down the slide what I found was that the previous owner must have packed the channel with some sort of thick red grease. It was caked all over everything, and very sticky. The grease looked a lot like bearing grease, or like what you might find in a general purpose grease gun. I wonder if that may have lead to light striking issues with the amount packed in there... (grease induced hydro-lock?) I went ahead and thoroughly scrubbed everything clean and reassembled with a light coat of Rand HAWG grease, my preferred flavor of red grease for guns. Now, no more ooze, and everything is nice and smooth! Thanks all for the thoughts and ideas! It is greatly appreciated!

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