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Originally Posted by armorer951 View Post
News to me. The ambi lever from the original OEM safety body on my 5906 fit the slot in the new decock only safety body just fine. I did configure a support on the back of the lever, if that's what you are referring to, but I'm not sure it was necessary. Seemed to work fine w/o the support.

The 9/40 right lever will fit but without the "lump" on the back side of the 10/45 lever, the springer safety body can move slightly to the left during firing and the firing pin can then bind on the safety body and lock up the action.

Without the safety body plunger and spring (which the springer decocker lacks) there is nothing to keep the springer centered, other than the lump on the 10/45 right side lever.

And yes, I've thought about making a lump for the 9/40 lever out of J-B weld or some such, but it was easier for me to source the 10/45 lever.

It may not do it every time, and it's only an embarrassment at the range, but in a life or death situation....

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