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Originally Posted by Sevens View Post
Does it also come with the original .38 Wadcutter top end or no? (Maybe it never had one...?)

As to validity, ANYTHING is totally possible. I would definitely want to see pictures and a serial number range and hear more details and even some name-drops if I were trying to come up with an argument for validity.

As the the idea of 9mm through a 52, we have discussed this a few times and there are a couple points I would make...

It will be my position that a 9mm target gun is a lot easier to find ammo for than a .38 Wadcutter and it will hold more rounds but it’s my firm position that nobody is going to alter a 52 to make it shooter 9mm more accurately than it would with .38 Wadcutter unless it’s some absolute craftsman genius and if he can do it for less than a couple two or three grand, let me see it! And before we forget, I really want to know about the magazines this pistol will be using. That’s a side discussion that matters.

And it cannot be ignored — but the S&W Performance Center did a pretty great job of (somewhat, nearly) doing this project and the result is the Models 952, 952-1 and 952-2. And I own two of them and neither will do on paper what both of my 52-2’s will do, at least not without some magical ammunition elixir that I have not yet discovered.

952’s are phenomenal but if you HAVE one, don’t race a 52-2 for pink slips unless your junk gets hauled around in a dump truck.

These are merely my opinions!
Try these 150 gr LSWC:

09mm 150GR SWC .356 - 1000 count

They work great in my 952 as long as I don't use mixed brass as accuracy suffers. They shoot just as good as anything in my 52 did.

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