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Try to sell within your state locally if possible. You can try here too of course. I have had quite a bit of experience lately selling 3rd gen black pistols. The market is really soft for S&W 3rd gens except for a few hard to find examples. example 3914TSW or 3914 DAO NYPD. I also think most folks want a 3913 over a 3914 due to Stainless ease of care. JMO

I tried to sell a 3914 LNIB foraround $500 here and locally with no one even sniffing at it. No offers or even low ball offers or anything! That's just the market..nothing personal. The gun is worth that intrinsically but there just aren't that many that need one or want one.BTW I took mine off the market...I'll just keep the little beauty Even the NL version which is generally more desirable due to looks and single sided decocker are selling slowly and for a lot less than they were 3-4 years ago.

Then you have the problem of shipping costs and FFl fees. Add $50-$75. More than 10% of a $500 gun.

I think except for this S&W 3rd gen Forum the S&W 3rd gen guns are just are not on people's radar as much anymore. So this forum definitely sets the average price people are willing to pay for a given 3rd gen gun. You might get more (even a lot more) on an auction but that's not very likely for a 3914. It will likely sell at market price or lower...again due to fees.

That said.. it only takes 1 buyer... Good luck!
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