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Default How to Fix 3rd Gen Pistols Hitting Low?

How do I go about correcting 3rd gen pistols that shoot low because the sights are mis-adjusted?

So, I have several 3rd gen DAO pistols, including 3914, 6946, 3953, etc. I've been really inconsistent at the range when shooting different pistols on different days, especially hitting low. I always figured it was me not holding my sight picture, jerking the gun, not having a smooth DA trigger pull (all true at various times, BTW).

As I was working on improving myself, I bought one of those laser target cartridges that go in the chamber and flash a dot on a target when the trigger is pulled. If I'm doing something wrong, this shows it.
But, on some guns, I was definitely always "shooting" low, even though I know I had a good, on-target sight picture when the hammer dropped..

So, I picked up one of those cheap ($29) laser bore sight devices that go in the chamber and did a little controlled testing. I used a 1" dot sticker on a piece of paper at 20 ft. as a target. I clamped each pistol, aimed the gun with as perfect of a sight picture as I could with the top of the front sight on the middle of the dot.
What I found was that about half of the pistols were good, the laser dot was on the bottom of the dot (about the distance between the sight axis and bore axis, indicating the sights and bore are parallel. All good!)
The other half were all putting the dot about 3-4 inches low from the point of aim. All the "bad" guns were the same amount low, 3-4 inches. None were high.
As an example, I have two 6946, one is good and parallel, the other is 3 inches low from where it's aimed.

After all this, I'm wondering how I can correct the sights on the "bad" guns and get the sights and the bore to match, i.e., be parallel.
A couple of the guns are also off left to right, but I know I can adjust the azimuth on the sights to correct for this. It's the elevation part that stumps me. None of the sights appear to be adjustable in elevation, unless I'm missing something here.

Has anyone had this type of problem? And how did you fix it?
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