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The manual decocker body, whether ambi or not, has a spring loaded plunger in a drilled recess on the left side. These components impart the 'clicks' as the lever is actuated and by the way the surface where the plunger bears against the slide inside the decocker bore is angled, the plunger & spring pulls the decocker body to the right.

The spring loaded decocker body lacks these parts so it requires the 45xx ambi lever that fastbolt described to keep the body properly located/centered within the slide. Otherwise the decocker body is free to shift left. While the firing pin will keep the decocker body from leaving the pistol... having the decocker body bear against the firing pin may cause a light strike or misfire and worse yet if there is sufficient slop back there I can envision a case where the decocker body shifts left far enough to disengage the return spring, that would tie things up quite nicely

This is also why you don't see any single sided spring loaded decockers.


Originally Posted by squidsix View Post
So why then is it possible for the decock-only assembly to move left in such a way as to potentially prevent firing?
Because they don't make a .46
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