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Originally Posted by Doc1500 View Post
If I were you I would have sent that pistol to primary machines and had them Mill the slide for the RDS.
Yes I used the 1911 Mount but I believe it's the wrong one. Or there just needs to be a whole lot more fitting needed.
You're absolutely going to love it especially if you have old bifocal eyes.
No more lining up rear sight, front sight , put on target.
Bring your pistol up to eye level dot on Target, fire .
If I had the extra cash I would put one on every pistol I own and rifles.
Good luck and happy shooting.
I have a lot of pistols I would like to do this with if it's all that everyone says they are. Yes my 63 year old eyes need a lot of help. Bifocals and then some. I did not want any of my slides milled until I tried this on a pistol I shoot well that also had a dovetail mount readily available. That's why it's not on one of my S&W 3rd gens yet. So after this experiment is over I can make some decisions. You don't need a reflex site for every gun. Just the ability to mount it. They come on and off very easily and quickly. Yes, there may be site adjustment issues. That's why the experiment with a pistol I can return to original condition. Range report by the weekend.
BTW the dovetail mount was very easy to install. It took about 10 minutes AFTER I got the other sight off. That was a little harder. I thought I could do it without a sight removal tool. $42 later I had a sighter removal tool in my tool inventory. But the installation including the reflex itself was less than 30 minutes.

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