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Default DONE !!

Thanks to you folks - especially 4T5GUY, I got my spurred hammer installed today.

It went pretty much as expected, after watching YouTube videos until I was blurry-eyed. The biggest problem I had was installing the sear. Both videos show the "hosts" sticking a finger down through the frame to hold it in place while installing the pin or alignment punch. My fingers don't fit through the frame, and it was a real bear to get it in properly. I tried at least a dozen (seemed like 100) times before I was able to catch the hole with a pin (MUCH cursing).

I also had a problem getting the grip back on. Something seemed to hang up the grip from moving vertically - I still don't know what, but after taking my dog out and discussing it with him, I tried it again and got it to go.

I also lucked out and got some decent weather today, and was able to go out and shoot a few rounds to confirm everything is working properly.

I like it! Thanks again.
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