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Originally Posted by BLUEDOT37 View Post

One of my pre-rail 4013TSWs shot high even though they had the same .204" tall front sights. Once I installed a .235" tall front sight on it they both sh◘◘t to the same POI.

Your 6946 should have a .204" tall front sight too. Those are the shortest front sights I'm aware of on the 3rd Gens.

Of course a taller rear sight will raise the POI also but not too many 3rd Gen factory options there.

I'm finding my new-to-me 3rd Gen's tend to shoot low, too.
Putting Meprolights on em made it worse, the tritium
front sight is taller than OEM.

Are rear dovetail cuts about the same for all 3rd Gens?
On Midway, there are two 3rd Gen Novak rear sights--
looks like a 9mm series and 45/10mm series.

Smith & Wesson Rear Sight Novak S&W 3953TSW 4003TSW 4006TSW 4013TSW

Smith & Wesson Rear Sight Novak S&W 4513TSW 4553TSW 4563TSW 4566TSW

The 45/10mm look taller...
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