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Nice pictures. As I mentioned in this thread, the SCSW authors would like your pictures, SN information, and anything else you might want to send them. There's scant knowledge about these guns out there.

BTW, does your box have the label on it? It would be interesting to see what the product code is.

I did a conversion to DOA, but that was by removing the SA notch on the hammer. That gave DAO, but with a very long trigger pull. I eventually converted it back.

Anyway, your pictures show the detail of the DAO hammer and other features of the 457D very well.

Originally Posted by fotoman12001 View Post
Mine definitely is not second strike capable.

Like the 3953, it has a hammer that rests in a half-cock position after the slide cycles. It makes for a decent trigger pull by if the slide doesn’t cycle after pulling the trigger the gun is inoperable until the slide is manually cycled.
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