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Default The 4516 is one fine pistol

I just got back from the range. I was testing my new to me PC Recon 45. Thank you cherrypointmarine! Fine pistol! And thanks to BMCM for the "squidsix mods" and to squidsix for the inspiration to have them done.

The gun shot reliably and accurately, albeit a little to the right. But I am a lefty, so I think I had too much finger on the trigger. I will be shooting it again in a week or so.

One of the other guns I brought along was my old duty gun a 4516 "dash 3" LE Special order. I have had it for almost 15 years. I always qualified with a "100" shooting it. It has been one of my most accurate handguns. And today it proved it still is. While the Recon 45 shot tiny groups, the 4516-3 bested it, at all distances.

But the 4516-3 has been the only 3rd gen gun I own to give me trouble. It dislikes recoil springs that are nearing the end of their service lives and rejects mags with weak springs. And today it showed me it HATES Sig 230 grain Performance Ammunition. I think the problem was OAL and a thin/small case rim. Anyways, it failed to extract 3 times resulting in a feed jam. The type that "tap rack" won't clear. Not good.

I had to rip the mag out and tip it over to eject the empty casing. Afterwards, it ate over 200 rounds of S&B 230 ball and 25 rounds of RA45T with no issues. A quick "restore confidence drill" at the end of my range session resulted in 21 rounds down range - accurately, with no stoppages and two fast mag changes.

A great, albeit slightly heavy 45. After shooting it I wondered why I don't shoot and carry it more. That is going to change. Regards 18DAI
8 + 1 rounds of hope & change.

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