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Disregard this post, I have since fixed it **Well guys, I removed the RDS mount from my 4516 - 1. I don't like the way it fit, and I'm not convinced the other RDS dovetail sight Mount for novak from egw would work. You would still have to be modified because of the hump on the back of the slide.
And also the front side of the mount I don't believe is cut high enough to lay perfectly flat on the slide in front of the dovetail.
If I do try this, I'm going to have to find somebody with a milling machine to be able to take the proper amount of metal off of the mount to do it properly.
And also there is no way that I'm going to try and alter the top of the slide or any other part of the slide to accommodate this mount.
If anybody else has any suggestions or info to pass along to help me with this quest of putting and RDS mount in the dovetail on top of my 4516-1 I would appreciate it.
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