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Originally Posted by Steve912 View Post
Are rear dovetail cuts about the same for all 3rd Gens?
On Midway, there are two 3rd Gen Novak rear sights--looks like a 9mm series and 45/10mm series.
The 45/10mm look taller...
Those two rears are the common (only?) metal fixed Novak rears I've noticed on the 3rd Gens.

PN#107920000 appears in the 2012 S&W parts catalog over (50) times & the PN#107970000 appears over (30) times & are for the medium frame & large frame pistols, respectively.

And the large frame rear sights are a lot taller, essentially a full .100" taller (.254" -vs- .352", on my examples).

You'd need a corresponding tall front sight to offset the rear's increase in height & none of the factory 3rd Gen's come close.

I've never tried it but it should fit, it just wouldn't likely be helpful.

‼Malfunction‽ -need more input

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