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Originally Posted by Classic Radio99 View Post
Thanks for all the information!

Nice to know about the Dawson sights, I've been wondering about how to possibly get a FO front sight on one or more of these guns, that would help the tired old eyes here. I also like the fact that they have a calculator to help determine what height is needed to correct a problem.

Vinny, how long ago did you send that CS9 slide in for the sights? The reason I ask is that I can find the FO front sights, but not the FO.200 model. Also, when you sent the slide in, did you tell them how low it was shooting, and did Novak determine which parts were needed?
I have a 3953 that I was considering sending in to Novak anyway. It has faded night sights (and the boresight shows it's way off), and it may have been "repaired" before I got it. This one will probably be my first Novak project.

As far as checking the front sight heights, now that I know what to look for, I'm going to check that. I'm wondering if some of these guns have mismatched front and rear sights installed, especially since they are either right on, or 3-4" low. Again, they may have been "repaired" long ago.

Regarding the advice on shooting errors, all true, and guilty on all counts here.. I'm learning the tricks to shooting a DAO gun consistently and accurately. I'm finding it takes a while to learn.
When I use a gun with sights that are correctly aligned, and IF I do my part, (hold the sight picture, smooth pull, and follow through) I can hit exactly where the sight is aimed and can chew the center out of the target..
However, if I'm using a gun with sights being 4" low, I can do everything perfectly... but I'm still 4" low.
And remember, I'm checking the boresight at about 20 feet, which is pretty close, and 4" at 20' seems like a lot to me, especially considering that error will compound at greater distances.

I really appreciate all the answers, I now know a lot more than I did a week ago. Thanks!
To answer your questions:
The .030 taller low-mount sight is currently backordered, Novak Designs Inc. - Product Detail - LoMount Carry S&W 3rd Gen Plain Black High - $34.95 It's a black-out low-mount rear .030 taller than the plastic white dot that was on it, they don't have a FO rear. When I ordered this just before Christmas; it was in stock and it only took Novak a couple days to send it back all mounted up. The combination I mentioned is specific to correcting the CS pistols shooting 3-4" low.

You might be best served by contacting Novak to discuss what you need and what they can offer to fix it.

I liked the fact that it was turn-key and they'll install what they sell for a nominal fee. ($35 to replace both front and rear). If you're not really careful, those darned little springs under the rear sight will jump out, never to be found again.

Dawson is also a good option, but they seemed less knowledgeable about the specific dovetail size and angle required for 30+ year old Smiths.

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