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To the best of my knowledge the repros are long gone---other than those you might stumble upon in the aftermarket.

That said, I've had the need for a set of K frame adapters on two different occasions (Originals preferred, but not fussy enough to do without.) I fired off an email to David Carroll both times. The result was the same both times---a reply as follows: "A small package is in the mail to you. Call me when it arrives."

The small package arrived on both occasions----I called----he said how much to send----and I sent it.

Ralph Tremaine

Oh, and one of them was missing the little screw for the top. It's a 5X44 as I recall---Brownells has them (cheap)---they're too long and the head's too big---both faults corrected in short order by a session at the drill press with a file, a hacksaw------and a dab of cold blue. The end result was better than an original----if I do say so myself!!

AND-------the last time I knew anything about it, the repros were fetching the same price as the originals. (Yeah, I know----but that's the name of the game.)

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