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Default Winston Chruchill engraved Smith & Wesson Target Pistol 52


i am a very huge admirer of Winston Churchills engravings. I try to collect as much images from his work i can get my hands on. Unfortunally its not that easy to get them. In the book from Roger Bleile i found that he has engraved a Smith & Wesson 52 Target Pistol. The image in the book is to small to closely study his work.

Could someone provide me some up close images from that engraved pistol? Or is there some publication with better images from it? Maybe an older catalogue or a book about Smith & Wesson guns?

In the book about the Eaton Colt there is also a small image from a Smith & Wesson 22 jet Revolver he engraved. It would also be nice to see some better pictures from that engravings.

It would be grat if anybody can help me further with the search for images!


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