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Is it the SKU:49400 mount your referring to? I'd have to examine the parts firsthand to see what might/needs to be done to make it work. For one thing, a E-series 1911 or a 59xx is not as thick as a 4516 in the slide top forward of the dovetail. Neither does that 1911 have the raised lip at the rear of the slide. Makes me think a milled flat forward of the dovetail would be needed...

And / or removal of the raised lip aft of the dovetail...

I'd be somewhat hesitant to cut on the EGW mounts. Those are 7000 series aluminum which will corrode readily once you cut through the anodizing and will soon wind up looking like seagull poop.

If you're considering an RMR or like optic, perhaps the Trijicon RM62 steel block mount is an option for a custom fit.


Originally Posted by Doc1500 View Post
Hey Bill, do you have any experience with, or info you can pass along, concerning putting a dovetail adapter plate for an RDS on a 4516 - 1 ?
Here's what I know at this point, the adapter plate from egw for a 1911 fixed sight, the dovetail does fit but the rest of the plate needs a good bit of fitting. What say you or any of the others on the Forum?
Because they don't make a .46
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