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Default 3914 vs. 5906 at 50 feet

A rhetorical question.

So why does the 3914 shoot better for me ?

Same range, same target, same time.

The 3914 groups better with 124 grain Remington green box FMJ, the 5906 likes federal 147 grain hydroshoks, so different ammo.

I have noticed that most 3913/3914 pistols are more accurate than they should be.

I don't have much experience with 59xx pistols, so I don't know much about them.

At 50 feet the 3914 will keep them in a 6 inch circle for me, the 5906 more like 12 inches. Extremely counter intuitive, and very frustrating.

Longer sight radius, heavy weapon, better grip, less felt recoil, and rounds all over the target.

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